Welcome to the "Casinha de Livros" Project

"Open the windows, open more windows than all the windows in the world!"                                             

                                           -Álvaro de Campos, 1917.


The Little House Book Project represents the opening of a window. A window that opens to the unknown, to the new, to a new horizon of perspectives. Its goal is to create a physical and symbolic space that adds to its user a new way of reading the world that surrounds it. Sometimes we open these windows and find a blooming jasmine, once thick clouds. But the important thing is for the reader to access these windows capable of placing them before their time, their symbolic universe, their questions. This is how we believe in the formation of the reader, in this opening of perspectives, in the sharing of understandings, in socialization! In this new dynamic will be present the most varied supports: newspapers, magazines, periodicals in addition to a vast catalog of books. The "Little Houses of Books" will also guarantee a space for literary reading, for enjoyment, because it is undoubtedly, above all, the verse is what can launch worlds in the world. We hope that so many other windows and expectations will be opened from this Project because so much is "the world, vast world" ... "it is enough to know how to look so that we can see it like this".