The partnership for the realization of the project is given through a technical visit to the Culture or Education Department of the selected municipality, however direct contact with a third sector organization is possible.


Location of implementation:

Non-profit organization that provides free service in the area of ​​culture or education.

Selection Criteria:

  •  Be a cultural or educational institution;

  • Have a space of 10 M² to receive the structure in covered area;

  • Have regular documentation;

  • Ability to perform reading activities;

  •  Be open to the community and free;

  • Have accessibility for people with disabilities;

  • Attend children, young or old.


Employees of the sponsoring company as well as other people can get engaged in the training of readership!



In addition to the inauguration of the "Casinha de Livros" spaces, people can engage in storytelling activities, reading wheels or in the presentations and opportunities offered by the partner institution that has the book and space as a point of reference.